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M360 Q

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Structure: enamelled steel, closed firebox with an electronically controlled rise and fall opening of 360° panoramic glass.
Firebox: in Aluker®
Hood: in steel, painted black or white
Fire pit: in Aluker®
Edge trim: choice of conical or cylindrical, black or white
Opening: with an electronically controlled rise and fall opening
Primary air: fixed
Secondary air: fixed
Flue outlet: top
Flue damper: valve with manually adjustable, and removable handleAsh pan: removable
Fuel: wood
Heating: natural convection and radiant


Nominal thermal efficiency % 75,2
Rated heat output kW 16,4
Consumption at rated heat output kg/h 4,8
Maximum heat output kW 16,4
Maximum consumption kg/h 4,8
Flue outlet Ø cm 25
Fresh air intake (recomm. min sect.) cm2 300
Basement Weight kg 140
Cape Weight kg 82
Electric power Rise n'fall V 230 - 50 Hz

Rise and fall opening electronically motorized.

Laboratory data using beech wood with less than 20% moisture content. Consumptions may vary according to the type of wood used


Piazzetta System
Warranty Easy Life

The availability of models may vary from Country to Country.

Full technical data available in pdf

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