MP 970

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Structure: enamelled steel frame, closed firebox
Baffle: in cast iron
Firebox: in cast iron
Brazier: in steel
Opening: cast iron door with self-cleaning ceramic glass
resistant up to 750°C
Door handle: hide away and detachable
Functions: LCD remote control and Multicomfort settings,
additional control unit
Timer/thermostat: standard, allows split times for daily,
weekly and weekend programs
Flue outlet: rear
Ash pan: removable
Fuel: pellet
Heating: forced ventilation through Multifuoco System®
with Dual Power, radiant and natural convection


Room heating capacity m3 255- 435
Nominal thermal efficiency % 83,9
Rated heat output (min-max) kW 3,3 - 15,1
Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) Kg/h 0,8 - 4,2
Power settings 5
Hopper capacity Kg 60
Flue outlet Ø cm 8
Fresh air intake (recomm. min sect.) Ø cm2 100
Electric supply Hz 230 - 50
Electric power consumption W 150
Weight Kg 180


  • Remote Control System kit

Laboratory data using beech pellet with calorific potential of 5 kWh/kg. Consumptions may vary according to the dimensions and the type of pellets used.


Piazzetta System
Warranty Easy Life

The availability of models may vary from Country to Country.

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