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P158 T

Pellet stove with steel cladding and majolica elements, with standard Multifuoco system, for uniform heat from floor to ceiling, including heating to other rooms of the home through ducting of a hot air flow. Thanks to the Natural Mode function, it is possible to turn off the forced-air fan and switch to natural convection mode, which is totally silent. Optional kit for remote management through text messages and Wi-Fi using the app on smartphones and tablets.

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Warranty Easy Life

  • Bianco metallico
  • Rubino metallico
  • Nero metallico


Multifuoco System®
Forced-ventilation system featuring 3 power levels.
Air ductable up to 8 m

Management app
Optional kit that allows for managing all the stove’s functions through smartphones and tablets

Multi-functional remote control
Optional kit for switching the stove on or off and managing it

With 6 daily time frames

Made of coated steel, with top including majolica insert

Remote Control System
Optional kit for remotely managing the stove simply through a text message

Natural Mode
The stove continues to burn and the hot air fan switches off,
heat continues to be distributed throughout the room through natural convection

Steel insert with cast iron door and brazier

Air Glass System
Self-cleaning ventilated ceramic glass resistant to 750°C

Energy Saving
Automatic switching on and off for maximum energy saving

Eco Function
Automatic flame power control

Pellet level sensor
Allows for monitoring the amount of pellets in the tank and the need to refill.


Piazzetta System



Room heating capacity (min-max) m3 145-250
Rated heat output (min-max) kW 2,7-8,6
Power adjustable (positions) 4
Nominal thermal efficiency % 89,3
Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) Kg/h 0,6-1,9
Dimensions WxDxH cm 49x48x106

Calculated based on nominal heat output and refers to rooms with a thermal requirement between 0.060 and 0.035 kW per m3.

The availability of models may vary from Country to Country.

Full technical data available in pdf

DOP P158 T

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