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The styling of every Piazzetta fireboxe and stove is particularly refined and original. It has been studied to make the most of the materials as well as to offer the maximum possible functionality thus satisfing all tastes and furnishing requirements. The majolica, the visible flame and the interior of the firebox all enhance the atmosphere created by the fire as well as the performance of each single Piazzetta products.

The distinguishing features


Refined looks and heat storage

The majolica claddings are hand made. These superb elements are the result of complex activities that require time and skill. Pieces made in such large dimensions not only enhance the stylishness of the product, but also ensure great heat storage followed by a prolonged distribution of heat.
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A precious and exclusivelook to any décor.

The selection of particular marble and knowledgeable craftsmanship allows Piazzetta to develop a range of expressions able to adhere to any décor necessity and assure grand satisfaction. A commitment towards elegance and beauty is the cachet in any style of furnishing.
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Better performance and a brighter flame

The fireboxes are lined with Aluker® panels, the exclusive refractory ceramic material patented by Piazzetta, which improves combustion and heat dispersal. Aluker® offers extraordinary energy storage and outstanding resistance to high temperatures, plus safe use, simple maintenance and long-lasting reliability. What’s more, its light colour enhances the brightness of the fire.


The flame in full view

The glass door lets you enjoy the cosy sight of the fire. You can always be sure of having the right atmosphere with Piazzetta products. Whatever the surroundings, the fire becomes pure emotion.


Piazzetta’s fireboxes incorporate design solutions and constructional features that make it a cutting-edge product with regard to technologyand quality, down to the tiniest of structural details.