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Hermetic Stoves

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Comfort and advantages

More comfort in the home, improved efficiency and greater attention to the environment: this is what Piazzetta hermetic stoves offer. hermetic stoves draw the air needed for combustion from outdoors, without removing oxygen from the interior - and that means better quality air.


The right solution for every space.

Hermetic stoves are a synonym for air quality and well-being, since they draw the combustion air from outdoors. Thermal comfort and efficiency are ensured throughout the home, thanks to the new, technologically innovative firebox design. This is the ideal technology for passive houses, in which the equilibrium between the interior and exterior environment must be maintained, while calibrating the air flow to the rooms. It is also an effective solution for conventional homes since it maintains the oxygenation of the rooms, does not remove air (and hence oxygen) from the interior, and reduces consumption.


The combustion air is drawn from outdoors.

The combustion air is drawn directly from the outdoors, so that no air is removed from the interior, which introduces cold air via the all too familiar external air intakes. This solution improves your comfort while optimising the efficiency of the stove and saving energy. The right choice - for you, for your home, and for the environment.


Pre-heated combustion air.

The hermetic stove is made even more efficient thanks to its use of a coaxial tube which draws air in from the outside while venting the combustion fumes, ensuring better performance. Using a single tube for the air intake and outlet reduces consumption even further. This is because the combustion air drawn in from outdoors is heated as it passes through the tube in contact with the vented fumes. This means that even less fuel is required to reach the desired temperature setting.