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Pellet boilers

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high-performance structure

The high-performance structure ensures excellent thermal efficiency thanks to a firebox designed to guarantee high levels of heat exchange and durability over time thanks to its considerable thickness.
The cast iron door ensures perfect and constant closure so that air cannot get in the unit anomalously and reduce yields. The boiler is fully insulated to optimise the heat exchange and eliminate any heat dispersion.

manual operation cleaners

It only requires a simple manual operation from outside the system, without removing any components, via a knob that starts the cleaners rotating inside the heat exchanger.

wide range of standard equipment

The pellet boilers have a wide range of standard equipment: they come equipped with all components required for integrating into an existing heating and hot water system, including delivery sensor pockets, safety valves and the expansion tank.

electronicallycontrolled circulator

The standard high-efficiency, electronicallycontrolled circulator ensures maximum flexibility in installation. It can be regulated according to the needs of the plumbing and heating system by directly choosing from 4 settings on the display that set the water flow rate. It regulates the amount of water introduced into the plant according to the water temperature in the boiler. When the system is off but connected to the power circuit, it comes on automatically once a week to avoid blockages. Its reduced power consumption means that the circulator already complies with the new standards to be introduced in 2020.

Dedicated pressure switch

Thanks to the dedicated pressure switch, if the firebox door opens during operation, an audio safety alarm is activated. The electronic control unit interrupts the power supply to the pellet screw thus blocking the supply of pellets to the brazier and initiating the appliance shut down process.